URGENT MESSAGE:  Governor-Elect Alan Arbuckle is asking all present and past Lt. Governors to please reach out in your divisions to help find Lt. Governors for 2018-2019 year. The divisions that need a Lt. Governor yet are: 
We need to find our Lt. Governor’s right away so they can be properly trained at Lt. Governor Training May 4-6, 2018 in Bloomington, IL.  Also, if you can't find someone please consider taking another year or coming back from retirement and doing another year. Governor-Elect Alan has great ideas and is very excited to have a great year with his Lt. Governors. Thanks for all you do for Kiwanis and the Kids.  Thanks!

PLGA is going strong! I'm sending out an SOS to all PLGA, we are asking everyone to please join us. Our mission is to help our Governor Rick build, mentor and support all new and existing clubs. Lt. Governor's and Past Lt. Governor's are our greatest resources.  We have the knowledge and experience to help Club President get and retain members. We are the best source to help build new clubs and recruit members.
If you are wondering where do I go after Lt. Governor?  That's easy, go out to all your clubs with the current Lt. Governor.  Visit and support the clubs. Call your Lt. Governor and ask them how can I help you. Let him or her know you can fill in for them if they can't make a meeting or an event.

Don't stop helping your Division!  You are needed now more than ever.  Be present at your clubs and most of all invite folks to join Kiwanis. Thanks for all you do for Kiwanis.

~ PLGA President George VanDee

The Past Lt. Governors Association is open to membership for any Kiwanis member who has been or is a current Lt. Governor.  Members have the opportunity to share their experiences and continue their interest and leadership in Kiwanis.  As an Association, our members become available resources to clubs and all District projects and activities.  The PLGA supports and assists in the success of all I-I District goals.  The Association project is the administration of two Renier Scholarships each year.